Martin Bone

Concert Photographer, UK

My main challenge was getting press accreditation and working for magazines in order to get access to bigger shows. After completing the course, I became a staff photographer for 'Rock At Night', I have been successful in applying for press passes for festivals and since I got to understand the business/marketing side I gained a lot of new followers of my work and I connected to like minded people in the industry

1. What did you think about concert photography BEFORE enrolling in Shooting The Rockstars?

Concert Photography was exciting for me and a challenge. I knew very little of how you attend any, concerts and i was lucky enough to be part of unsigned local bands that help me get started. However i did not had a clue about promoters, copyright, sharing images, magazines and making any money or anything that was involved I just kept sharing my images on Facebook and other social media and got noticed and i knew i wanted to do more its as about research which is hard and Shooting The Rockstars gave me everything i needed to progress . I love being part of music photography and still its a challenge but an exciting adventure


2. What did you think about concert photography AFTER going through the training?

I would say It gave me a better insight into in and outs of Music Photography and how i use my camera and how i am at the gig. where as before I would just turn up and not understand the whole set up and possibilities that i can gain from knowing more knowledge about Shooting the Rockstars and the approach. I feel i am more prepared and have a better understanding and where as i would be facing a up hill battle to progress in career. Its a fantastic course and i will always refer to the topics and guidance it provides.


3. What big problem were you facing BEFORE Shooting The Rockstars? What from Shooting The Rockstars helped you solved that problem?

Contacts- Press accreditation and being part of maybe a Magazine. I think this for me was the biggest challenge yes i knew a few people but if i wanted to get the bigger venues or bigger bands i hadn't a clue on my approach and Shooting the Rockstars guided me to help solve that issue.


4. What specific results have you achieved as the result of this training?

CONFIDENCE -I so far now part of a online/magazine with Rock At Night . I have been successful in applying for press passes for festivals local to me and I guess confidence with my business/ marketing side of things I can see now that i understand how to use social media better I am gaining a lot of followers of my work and connecting to like minded people in the industry.


5. What would you tell another “new student” of Shooting The Rockstars? What words of advice would you have now that you’ve gone through the program?

Is to be positive and stay focused use the course as guide in your path in finding success in you goal as to gain the gigs and Rockstars you dream to work with. Work Hard and believe in yourself the course gave me confidence I know i have the ability and strength to continue and determination to succeed and to work hard. The results will be clear and you will reflect that the program gives you the tools you require to be successful in your photography adventure. For me its been the best course and money well spent as i would have been searching through many websites /you tube videos and books were Shooting the Rockstars has it all in a nice balanced modules that can be studied and kept at your side and know it will help you stay focused.

Martin Bone