Ivan Padilla

Concert Photographer, Russia

Learning all about the technical aspects, equipment, shooting techniques, business, photo pass, portfolio, marketing, and experiences from one of the most renowned concert photographers in the world is amazing

1. What did you think about concert photography BEFORE enrolling in Shooting The Rockstars?

Concert Photography has always been an interest for me because my formal profession is Audio Engineer. I have always been related to the music business. I always respected that job, but was never into it until I bought my first DSLR camera. I started getting more interest about it. Started studying basic photography online and then eventually I focus my photography related to my job, which of course was strictly related to concert photography.


2. What did you think about concert photography AFTER going through the training?

I think its was awesome and helpful to get to know in detail all the aspects about the photography that you are more interested about. Learn all the technical, equipment, shooting techniques, business, photo pass, portfolio, marketing, experience from one of the most renowned concert photographers in the world is amazing and worth in value of knowledge.


3. What big problem were you facing BEFORE Shooting The Rockstars? What from Shooting The Rockstars helped you solved that problem?

My first problems in concert photography were the technical aspects of the camera, What ISO should I use? what minimum shutter speed can I use? Why my photos are not as cool as other concert photographers? What are the best lenses for concert photography? All these technical aspects were clear once I learned them threw Shooting The RockStar. After clearing all that my second stage of learning was the business side of concert photography. How to approach magazines, bands and managers? How to get a photo pass? How to sell yourself? What is needed? etc. All that and much more is in ShootingThe Rockstars!


4. What specific results have you achieved as the result of this training?

All the technical aspects are more clear for example. The setting on my camera that I should use to start shooting and for specific shots, like how to capture drummer photos with stick movements. How to capture musicians that move or jump around the stage. Also I have to say that from the business side on how to approach managers, bands and magazine editors I have tremendous results. The template letters that Shooting the Rockstar give away are very useful. There are so many other aspects I could add to this question but these I would say are my top ones.


5. What would you tell another “new student” of Shooting The Rockstars? What words of advice would you have now that you’ve gone through the program?

If you are really passionate about concert photography "Shooting The Rockstar" is totally worth it!! It will add so much value to your photos and profession as a Concert Photographer. It will also encourage you to keep on shooting and searching for your dream artist photo. It's all there explained in detail with quality videos, slideshow, extra material by one of the best concert photographers that is open and happy to share his knowledge to the world.


Ivan Padilla