Daria Tuca

Concert Photographer, Romania

As I am currently a highschool student that got really sick of being forced to do stuff I don‘t enjoy, I was searching for some photo courses that would help me to improve my skills. After going through Shooting The Rockstars I only feel more convinced that this is my 'dream job'. I am now a staff photographer for a radio station. By becoming that, I managed to get my first photo pass for the upcoming Queen + Adam Lambert concert and some other festivals.

1. What did you think about concert photography BEFORE enrolling in Shooting The Rockstars?

As a music enthusiast and as my biggest passion being photography, I always enjoyed the idea of concert photography, but it never felt as something I would do. Mostly because I never thought of it enough before I found .


2. What did you think about concert photography AFTER going through the training?

As I currently am a highschool student that got really sick of being forced to do stuff I don't enjoy (like chemistry, for example), I was searching for some photo courses online that would help me improve. The first time I saw your blog, I texted my mom telling her: "You know what? I think I found my dream job." After going through the training, I only felt more convinced of that fact.


3. What big problem were you facing BEFORE Shooting The Rockstars? What from Shooting The Rockstars helped you solved that problem?

Shooting The Rockstars helped me develop a lot, and not only in technical ways. I had many questions related to the process of getting approved itself, and I managed to understand and get a clear picture of the steps I have to follow.


4. What specific results have you achieved as the result of this training?

I did many types of photography before and experimented a lot, but concert was one of them. As I am only starting out I am trying to shoot small concerts and build my portfolio, to show to the world. My father owns a radio station for which I volunteered a lot, by helping with the playlists and more. I proved to the whole team that I am good at photography, turns out that now I am a photographer for the radio station and also a news site. By becoming that, I managed to get a photo pass for a Queen + Adam Lambert concert that will take place this summer, and some other festivals.


5. What would you tell another “new student” of Shooting The Rockstars? What words of advice would you have now that you’ve gone through the program?

I would encourage anyone to join Shooting the Rockstars. If you love music, if you love photography, this course is made for you. I think you can also take the course if you are willing to do this just as a hobby. You can stick to that, but you will gain important knowledge and you will feel yourself progressing. Matthias is a great coach (if you want to call it that way) that knows exactly how to teach and explain for everyone to understand.


Daria Tuca